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Rico Alvendia

2025 King

2025 Queen

Kendall Williams

Troy A. Carter, Sr.

Chair of the 76th
Washington Mardi Gras

2025 KREWE

Congressman Troy A. Carter, Sr. of the 2nd Congressional District, chair of the 76th Washington Mardi Gras, has selected King Rico Alvendia and Queen Kendall Williams for the 2025 Washington DC Mardi Gras Ball.


Celebrating 75 years, this great organization has brought the pageantry, revelry, and mystery of Mardi Gras to our nation's capital. The Mystick Krewe of Louisianians is proud to welcome you to our annual Carnival Ball and celebration of the finest Louisiana has to offer. 



2024 Photography & Video


Proud provider of the official photos from the 2024 Washington Mardi Gras. View the gallery to purchase your photos and relive the memories for years to come.


Proud provider of the official video from the 2024 Washington Mardi Gras. View the link below to purchase the video and relive the memories for years to come.

1949 WMG Float in Truman inauguration parade 1.jpeg

2024 Theme

"Louisiana: The Most Interesting State in America"

2024 Official Washington Mardi Gras Poster, By Artist Becky Fos

2024 Official Poster

By New Orleans Artsist: Becky Fos

Becky Fos is a vibrant artist with an enormous presence, known for infusing her personality and artwork with overflowing energy. Her distinctive style employs oil on canvas, using a palette knife instead of a traditional brush, resulting in textured, colorful masterpieces that celebrate the culture and wildlife of New Orleans. Fos's art features bold, bright colors and captures the essence of the city, including its street musicians, historical figures, and architectural landmarks.


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