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Join The

Appy To Join The Krewe Membership Waitlist

Permanent Members
of the Mystick Krewe
of Louisianians receive:

  • Ability to purchase two tickets to the Friday Dinner Dance and the Washington Mardi Gras Ball. (4 tickets in total)

  • Active Krewe members may request additional tickets if available.

  • 2 Complimentary Thursday Night "Louisiana Alive" tickets

  • 1 Commemorative Poster (Distributed at Washington Mardi Gras)

  • Krewe bag with call-out dance favors, beads, and official medal (ducal)

  • Krewe costume

How Do I Apply?

Krewe membership dues are $800 and tickets to the dinner dance and the ball are $350 per person, per event. 

To request a membership nomination form, please contact Katie Hopkins at 225-216-1911 or e-mail us at

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